Virtual Teams Center

This page is dedicated to the creation of virtual teams specifically img_0834assembled by me to win and service contract solicitations.   Agility, timing, stamina and deep knowledge of the targeted opportunity is the key to success.  I’ll provide more details on my approach, lessons learns and best practices in this area.   Feel free to forward me your learnings and I will share with all.  For now, I’ll focus on IT implementations and related project management/training opportunities from across the United States.  I’ll consider other disciplines such as education (I’ve seen plenty of opportunities there) and financial services.

Here’s how it will work:

Once I identify a contract opportunity, I will post the personnel requirements in this blog, as well as my other network worlds.  Feel free to let me know if you have the knowledge, documented experience and background or point me to someone who does.  I will interview all prospective candidates to ensure there is a fit with other potential team members and the client requirements (both stated and unstated).

img_0836A virtual team is assembled only if we have the right folks who bring to the table unique abilities tailored to satisfy the specific qualification requirements and idiosyncrasies of the client’s solicitation.   At that time, I will writeup the solicitation response with input from our virtual team in terms of scope of work approach, cost, timing, etc.   I will also complete the necessary client government/corporate bureaucratic documentation, declarations, etc. that must be filled out. We formally activate the virtual team upon winning the contract.

As you can imagine, there’s a lot more to this then just these few sentences but that is the 50,000 foot view of the virtual team strategy. Just remember, you got to be in it to win it and don’t expect this to be a simple haul.  Sticky glue like stamina is key to success here!

Sounds like something you want to do and you want to have fun learning and building up your personal network?   Then click here for the list of opportunities and follow this blog to get instant notification of opportunities.