RFP and RFQ Solicitation Assessments


Are You . . .

Wondering which government or corporate RFP or RFQ solicitation you should pursue?

Do You . . .

Feel like you are flushing away your resources with RFP or RFQ proposals that produce no return on your effort?

We Can Help You Do More Than Just Find RFP or RFQ Opportunities!

offer-image-2Here’s an inexpensive subscription service that will help you assess which ones you should pursue and avoid costly mistakes.

I’ll help you understand the real story and contractor intentions behind those tempting solicitations and throw out the bad ones like those that are rigged for a preferred vendor/supplier.

In addition, you’ll have the option to leverage my services to write-up your proposal in response to the RFP or RFQ solicitation.

There’s a growing number of contract opportunities across all disciplines such as: Information Technology, construction, education, transportation, training, management consulting, landscaping, janitorial, marketing, all sorts of commodities, etc.  So, think of Scarlett Systems as your outsourced RFP or RFQ response solution that will help you control your costs and maximize your chances of WINNING THE BID!!

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