Review Your RFP Response

So you already wrote up that RFP response for that juicy contract opportunity.  And you Over worked blob personspent days laboring over the wording, format, charts, etc.  And you revised the draft document for the nth time.

Are you sure it’s ready?  Does it address ALL of the questions (both required and implied) in the RFP solicitation?  Does it cover all scope of work activities?  Or are you just getting tired of looking at that damn thing?

Creating a proposal or bid response to a solicitation is a time consuming task that requires many revisions.  Problem is your ability to catch all the errors in the document diminishes with each revision cycle.

The Solution: You need more than one set of eyes to catch the problems.

This is where I can help by reviewing your RFP responses to ensure that you:
1. Addressed all the asked (and hidden) RFP questions & requirements
2. Organized your proposal to get the most evaluation points
3. Include eye popping charts that clearly communicate your message

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