Vendor Solicitation Response Service

We offer a cost effective way to respond to hundreds of contract opportunities posted by private and government organizations.

1-oil-rig-oil-fieldFolks, this is like drilling for oil. You don’t dig in any one place with just a pick, shovel and hope. You need a strategy to select and respond to all solicitations that fit your service offerings. You also need the right tools and processes to quickly generate proposals with custom designed templates and frameworks. Only then will you have the ability to generate the number of responses required to increase your chances for success.

Our work includes:

  1. Prioritizing with you the received solicitation opportunities for response
  2. Creating/maintaining/updating boiler plate of your organization’s core service offerings
  3. Creating/maintaining/updating your roster of your staff’s experiences, knowledge and certifications that can be matched against solicitation qualifications
  4. Develop the best response to RFP Statement of Work (SoW) requirements and questions
  5. Helping you find subcontractors to supplement/fill out your organization’s knowledge/experience base to better match solicitation qualification requirements or preferences
  6. Producing detailed financial plans as a foundation for RFP quotation pricing
  7. Researching, develop, edit, print (yes, some US states still require snail mailed responses-sigh!) and send out RFP responses

Don’t Miss Out On A Single Sales Opportunity.  Now Is The Time To Implement A Strategy To Effectively Respond To Corporate & Government Vendor Solitations.  

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