Vendor Solicitation Creation Service

Feel like you are searching in the dark for the right vendor or service provider to satisfy a business need?


What is your vendor decision criteria? Have you gained stakeholder alignment on the requirements? What needs are more important than the others? Do your colleagues agree with your requirement priorities? What does your budget look like?

Don’t know, aren’t sure?

Feel all alone?

Need help?

We will guide you and your business partners to align around a prioritized list of requirements and find the right vendor/supplier who can satisfy those needs following this four step process:

  1. Criteria Definition– Define, align, prioritize and weight Scope of Work (SoW) requirements and risk mitigation options that will drive creation of the RFP solicitation document
  2. Vendor Assessment– Identify potential vendors, coordinate related interviews, demos, Q&A and subsequent ranking and recommendation
  3. Business Modeling and Vendor Negotiation– align your business workflows to vendor solutions to find the best match. Review/clarify vendor offerings and adjust for a better fit to your business requirements
  4. Final Vendor SelectionAssess vendor implementation plans, assist where required with final negotiations and legal review

Put Together A Strategy To Find The Best Vendor/Supplier.
If You Don’t, Someone Else Will.
And You May Not Like The Results.  

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