How The Subscription Service Works

akrati_associates_animated_gearWhether you sell services or supplies, our Request for Proposal or Quotation (RFP or RFQ) Assessment Subscription Service is a simple and inexpensive two step process that enables you to control the total cost to produce RFP or RFQ responses.

Step 1: Click here to subscribe to the RFP and RFQ Assessment Subscription Service. Once approved, I can discuss with you the many options available to you to identify published RFP or RFQ solicitations. When an opportunity has been identified and is of interest to you, I will discuss with you the unique aspects (that is the “story”) of that solicitation to help your organization determine if it makes sense to respond.  For $150/month, we can discuss up to three RFP or RFQ opportunities each month.

Step 2: If you like the opportunity, then you have a choice. You can either:

a) Develop the RFP or RFQ response yourself; or
b) Leverage my services to develop a RFP or RFQ response.  Click here to see pricing options.