How To Win That RFP: Identify, Qualify & Respond

focusMy RFP and RFQ Assessment Subscription Service is focused on helping you qualify and respond to supplier solicitations.  As I explain below, you have plenty of options to identify Request for Proposal (RFP) opportunities, so that is not my space.  The trick to winning the contract is knowing which RFP solicitations are for you then doing something about it–and that is what I offer you!

Lifecycle To Win That RFP

Identify: Like potholes on the road, there are plenty of Request for Proposal or Quotation (RFP or RFQ) opportunities out there papers flyingvying for your attention.  A casual search shows a growing number of contract opportunities across all disciplines such as: Information Technology, construction, education, transportation, training, management consulting, landscaping, janitorial, marketing, all sorts of commodities, etc.  The Internet is filled with search engine sites to notify you of RFP or RFQ opportunities that fit the conditions you specify. Some of these search services are paid subscription based.  For state and federal RFP opportunities, you can save a ton of money by registering your company on various state and federal government contracting sites.  There, you will get automated notifications of solicitations based on the industry classification codes you provide.  If needed, I can guide you through that process.

Qualify: But is that RFP or RFQ solicitation really for you?  When you receive an email telling you of a juicy contract opportunity, you may be tempted to jump right in and crank out a response.   Problem is, not all contract opportunities you receive are meant for you.  Just because a RFP calls for a service or product you provide, don’t think your organization is the best candidate.  Unless you can figure out a way to assess your chances of winning those opportunities, you will waste a lot of time, money and resources responding to proposal solicitations you will never win.

choiceThis is where I can help, by guiding you through the assessment process as I explain in this blog post.  Only when you understand the complete story behind that RFP or RFQ solicitation will you be able to decide if it is the right one for you.  Bottom line: you need to figure out which RFP or RFQ opportunities you should take to the next step.

Respond: The final phase to win that contract is to incorporate a compelling story for your telling-a-story-1024x790selected RFP or RFQ opportunity response.  Story telling is hard to do. It’s made even more difficult by the bureaucratic content submission instructions you must follow when responding to RFP or RFQ solicitations. But there are ways tell a story that will command the contractor/buyer committee’s attention and give your offering more vendor evaluation/selection points.  I can help you write that winning response by showing you the tons of best practices and social media based ideas for demonstrating how your proposal is the best offering to satisfy the RFP or RFQ’s requirements. Or, if you like, I can write up your response instead.

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