Registering With a State To Find Contract Opportunities? It’s Not All One Stop Shopping.

Just because you register with a particular state government vendor portal, don’t expect to see all of the contract opportunities there. A growing number of states (driven by local laws) have indeed setup up agencies and portals to handle (meaning manage the process of issuing requests for vendor proposals then finding, selecting and managing those) contracts across all state agencies.

But that in no way is a guarantee that you will see all contracting opportunities for that state. From state to state, certain agencies are empowered to manage their own vendor contracting opportunities and associated processes- transportation departments (DOTs) being a notable example.

So be on the lookout for those exceptions to a state’s bidding process if you want to ensure you get notifications of all contract opportunities. Scan the state’s FAQ section for hints and pointers to see if you also need to register with other public entities within that state. For example, Washington State’s vendor contractor portal FAQ tells us that: “Not all public agencies in the state are required to post bid notifications in WEBS [that’s Washington Electronic Business Solutions- vendor registration, etc. portal], so you may want to register with other government entities to receive notice of their bid opportunities.” Other examples where agencies manage their own bid contract opportunities include New York State’s Power Authority.


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