1-on-1 Planning Consultation

Not Sure What To Do, Where To Start, How It Should Be Done
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I Can Help You Identify, Qualify and Hit Your Target!

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Here, you can secure my services on an hourly as needed basis
. . . you dictate and control the costs.

Every so often, you can review with me what you have done relative to identifying, qualifying and responding to contract solicitation opportunities.  In this strategic planning activity, we will discuss and develop ways to overcome related challenges, avoid pitfalls and understand critical success factors to winning corporate/government contracts. I usually start by offering a free 30-minute session with potential clients focusing on a challenge(s) they want to overcome.

This approach minimizes your expense while at the same time giving you immediate access to my 25+ years of success in contract proposal management at firms such as Johnson & Johnson, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan Chase Bank, etc.  It’s something for you and your team to consider if you plan on responding to contract solicitation opportunities.

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