My Services

What I Do:

I Help Clients Grow Their Business By Connecting Them To Federal, State and Local Contract Opportunities Shielding Them From The Bureaucracies Associated With Securing Government Contracts.


How I Do It:

  1. Bring New Government and Corporate Contract Solicitations To Clients
  2. Help Clients Respond To Those Opportunities with Winning Proposals
  3. Handle The Associated Red Tape Government Paper Shuffling
  4. If Needed, Assemble Virtual Teams of Subject Matter Experts for Select Client Contract Opportunities
  5. Help Clients Put In Place a Contract Proposal Management process To Win Contracts

Proposal Management Process 5

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I can do all or just the parts you want done.  Your choice!

Government Agency Registration and Opportunity Identification
I’ll help your organization get registered with Federal/State/Local and private contracting agencies and search engines to receive and spot potential contract solicitation opportunities.

Qualify & Select Opportunities
Before you respond to contract solicitations you first need to select the ones that offer the best chance for success.   I’ll help you pick the RIGHT opportunities to pursue.

Write-Up Proposal Responses
To win a contract, you must respond to many solicitations.  That takes time and effort, especially with bureaucracies associated with government agencies. With my Contract Proposal Management process (see above), I’ll help you create the right tools and methods to quickly generate proposals with custom designed templates and frameworks that can be reused over and over again.

Proposal Reviews & Post Supplier Selection Assessments
So you already created your proposal and reviewed it many times.  But is it really complete?  Does it cover all of the questions, requirements and qualifications listed in the Statement of Work?  I can provide that needed independent assessment of your proposal response to ensure it is complete, and properly organized to get the most evaluation points and beat your competitors!

After the Federal, State or Local supplier selection committee has awarded the contract, I can conduct a post assessment of the received, evaluated and ranked proposals to identify ways to improve your future proposals to win the next contract opportunity.

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